... Love is in the Air ...
About You & Me!
How excited to welcome you!
...And even more so when you have such a special celebration coming up...your wedding day!!! 
We know this is the best decision you ever made, and it is so great to celebrate with you.
The fact that you are here can only mean one thing. You are in love with what you have seen and you have a feeling that it is different.
It is not by chance that we have come to know each other. The universe simply led us to you!!! and .... whispered to us: 
"They trust you... in your experience, your knowledge and your skills... they already know that you are the right person to capture with your lens every beautiful moment of their wedding, making it unique and special... hahahah... it's true... Every 
wedding is unique and special !!!
We are art lovers, and we know that it's not just about taking individual photos. It's about creating a cohesive visual story that captures the essence of your special day. Capturing the small details, from the preparations to the ceremony and celebration, the rings, the floral arrangements, the gestures and expressions of your loved ones, everything is important to us.
Is it necessary to have experience and knowledge to immortalize the most important moments of your event? Definitely yes... everything happens very fast, everything has to be planned in a logical way, it's the work and the coordination of a whole team focused... that's where the good results come from.
We are passionate about creating authentic and beautiful images that tell every love story, but it is also very important to offer comfort and reliability during your event. Having us as your professional wedding photographer on your big day gives you the peace of mind that your memories are in expert hands while you enjoy your special day without unnecessary worries. We take responsibility from the beginning and that's our key to success.
We pride ourselves on having a unique style and creative vision to make your photos original and reflect your personality and style as a couple. So you can relive your special memories over and over again.
In short, we know how important it is to invest in a specialized wedding photographer; it is the smartest decision to guarantee a unique and personalized experience, with images that capture the essence of your love story in a beautiful and authentic way.
We are so excited to be a part of your love story and to capture the most special moments of your wedding day. 
We look forward to working with you and creating memories that will last a lifetime!
"Love isn't something you find. Love is something that finds you" 
- Loretta Young -
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